Friday, September 4, 2009

Religious SMS

God has 4 gift for u:
a key for every problem,
a light for every Shadow,
a plan for every tomorrow
and a joy for every sorrow.

Winning horse doesn't know why it runs in the race.
It runs because of beats and pains.
The larger you get pain, the stronger you become.
Life is a race;
GOD is your rider;
The harder he beats you, the stronger he makes you to win.
SO never distress.
GOD is driving you.
Be a winning horse..

God Bless U
On the Pages of Roses... with the ink of moonlight... A Pen of Prayers have written... Only 3 words 4 U... "God Bless U"

GOD can turn
a MESS in 2a
a TEST in 2a
a TRIal in 2a
a VICTim in 2a
Wishin u
Firm faith in GOD!

GOD has deposited
plus all Kinds of Blessings
in Your ATM Account.
Use Without Limit.
The PIN Code is

God is an invisible parent.
And parents are the visible god.
So if u make d visible god happy,
automaticaly the invisible God becomes happy.

God knows ur future.
HE may not reveal it 2 u
but HE will walk with U
as d future unfolds.
Dont trust d stars,
trust the ONE who made them.

God will be above U to bless U,
below U to support U,
before U to guide U,
behind U to protect U,
beside U to comfort U,
and inside U to sustain U.
Stay blessed.

Happiness keeps u Sweet,
Trails keep u Strong,
Sorrow keeps u Human,
Failure keeps u Humble,
Success keeps Glowing,
but only God keeps u Going.
Keep going

If things r happening
according to ur wish,
u r lucky!
But if they r not,
u r very lucky,
Bcoz they r hapning
according to God's wish!

Invite God into the chemistry of life,
He'll Dilute Ur Sorrows,
Evaporate Ur Worries,
Filter Ur Mistakes
& Leave u with Crystals of Happiness.

Puzzle: Letter after F +
half of 8 +
shadow of q +
opposite of d +
letter before M +
middle of sea +
2 * 18th letter +
middle of sun.
Answer to above:

Some Flowers Grow Best in the Sun,
Others do well in Shadow.
GOD Knows What is Best For us
& Puts us Where We Grow Best.

Whatever U Prayed for,
will Come True.
It may not be in d
Exact Package U wanted.
But it wil b
what GOD thinks
is best for u.

The person safe from greed
Fear Allah as much as possible, and listen and obey and spend for His cause; this is better for your life. The person safe from greed in his life is successful

What is the fastest thing on earth?
Not quite
Answer: PRAYER
because Prayer reaches GOD
even before you say it..!

When god solves ur problems,
u have faith in his abilities.
but. . .
when He doesnt solve ur problems,
remember He has faith in ur abilities.

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